Getting Started With React.


  • React is an open source library for building user interfaces, not a framework. it has a rich ecosystem also for building web applications.

WHY LEARN REACT? -It is created and maintained by FACEBOOK, so its not going to die down anytime soon, it is also well known on github with lots of starts with a huge community behind it and its one of the most sort out skill set by most companies and organizations and if you run into any problem, you'll be able to get solutions from top recognized websites like stackoverflow, w3schools e.t.c

COMPONENT BASED ARCHITECTURE OF REACT. -It lets you break your application into small incapsulate parts which later, it can be composed into making more complex UI's. For instance, a basic website is broken down into the header, sidenav, main content and footer. so each section represents a component when composed in a right way makes up the entire website.

  • These components also makes it possible to rewrite reusable code for example, you having a component of an article about react, it can be reused for articles on javascript or bootstrap by simply passing the right data into the article component.

THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE GETTING STARTED WITH REACT. -Understanding HTML,CSS and Javascript fundamentals which is very necessary -Understanding also the fundamentals of ES6. you don't have to be an expert in knowing ES6 but it will make it simpler in understanding react faster

SHORT TIP: For Javascript, understand these -- 'this', keyword, filter, map and reduce. For ES6, understand these also -- use & const, arrow functions, template literals, default parameters, object literals, rest & spread operators and restructuring assignment.


  • The fundamentals -HTTP -Routing -Redux -Utilities e.t.c.

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